In addition to composing music, writing lyrics and singing, keeps Sharon Lia keeps busy with traditional Artwork and Graphic Design and is Fluent in allogol the mediums from Painting to Adobe CS4, Quark, Dreamweaver, Flash and more, Sharon is passionate about the arts.

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Some samples of her work can be viewed on the Art Gallery page.

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In addition to Sharon's Sister Nikki, 

The inspiration for Sharon's debut album

* LINDA CREED * linda creedlinda creed



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"The  Greatest Love of All" 

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sharon lia

Her Style:   Dance, R&B, Rock, and Pop fused together.   She creates tension with her melody/chord progressions with the musical "resolve" of hope.  Her deliberate haunting style and sweet voice add depth to her compositions.  The influences that have shaped Sharon Lia include: Elton John, Sarah McLachlin, Jewel, Muse and dance artists like Deborah Cox, Cascada and Donna Summer, GAGA and instrumentalist and Robert Miles. 

Her Debut CD Story:  She recorded 5 new songs and compiled them with her existing EP  which contained music that she wrote, co-produced and recorded.  Her producer created a 70's vibe with the new songs which added diversity to her debut CD:   

When songwriter hall of fame writer Linda Creed passed on in 1986, (The Greatest Love of All, You Make Me Feel Brand New, You Are Everything, Rubber Band Man, to name a few that Linda penned) she left behind songs unreleased and in a vault.  *“Along came Sharon Lia”.  Sharon had to perform these unreleased songs for Steven “Eppy” Epstein to get permission to record Linda’s (his wife) legendary music.  Sharon brought tears to his eyes when she sang “Let’s Find Those Two People”.  He was touched by Sharon’s voice and performance. He gave her and her producers his unequivocal support.  Sharon Lia recorded those songs with her producers Kenny Kirby and Jack Kearton.  The title track “Welcome To My World” was written by Linda Creed and  Lonnie Jordan of the band “War” over 20 years ago but was never completed. Sharon Lia had the honor to finish writing that song bridging a gap between then and now.  Eppy sought out to promote Sharon’s finished CD and headed out.  A devastating blow:  Tragically, Eppy passed away suddenly just as he was embarking on this new adventure.   Eppy discovered Nelly, started the band WAR and has many platinum records to his name for his work with various artists.  Sharon continues to pursue her musical endeavors.

  • Shared the stage with the Phillies Intruders, The Blue Notes, Temptaions, and other  greats of the Philly Era. 

  • Radio airplay and Club/DJ spins.

  • Newspaper & Radio interviews. 

  • is a published member of BMI.

  • Charitable contributions include:  donated time and talent to John Thompson of The Kiernan Thompson Group.  They needed music to be written and recorded ("Soul Pillow”) to benefit the Alzheimer's Fundraising Event.  

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